Summer open plan living
With the sun shining this week, and the daffodils sprouting up all around, it’s easy to start daydreaming about this years’ summer. Will it top last years’ long hot one?  I hope so! We had endless weeks of eating meals in the garden and the kids bouncing on the trampoline until the sunset. Our space outside quickly became an extra room at our property and we utilised it to the max.

A perfect way of bringing the outside in is to add bi-folding doors to your property. By creating this big, spacious opening to your ground floor, you instantly have a quick and easy way of basking your home with fresh air, sunshine, and light. Imagine opening the doors in the morning of a summers day and filling your kitchen with the sound, smells and warmth of summer. Or hosting a party at your house and being able to slide open the doors and let your guests spill out into the garden. And these doors also work well during the winter months, with insulated frames and glass keeping you cosy but still allowing the winter sunshine to flood in.

If you are interested in making a structural change to your home, to include bi-folding doors, or to add an extension to your ground floor, please get in touch with us for a chat on how we can help you achieve your summer dream.

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